7 Reasons Why Every Law Firm Needs a Blog

7 Reasons Why Every Law Firm Needs a Blog

Getting clients is the most important – yet most difficult – part of running a law practice. Most lawyers spend many (unbillable) hours recruiting clients. Blogging is one way lawyers can simplify the process of searching for clients.

According to Findlaw, 96 percent of potential clients use search engines to find attorneys. Findlaw also found that three-fourths of those who begin searching online eventually call an attorney. However, the vast majority of these potential clients – 82 percent – will call just one attorney.

Blogging is one way to make sure that your firm is the one that clients call. Read on to learn seven reasons why your law firm should blog.

1. Blogs are a Cost-Effective Way to Advertise

Every small law firm is also a small business. Like other businesses, law firms have limited marketing budgets. While television ads, billboards, and mailers can be expensive, operating a website is comparatively inexpensive. Though there are a few start-up costs, maintaining a blog can be surprisingly affordable. A simple website costs about $20 per month. Because 96 percent of clients search the web for attorneys, a small investment can reap big benefits for firms.    

2.Blogging Makes Your Firm Easy to Find in Search Results

Remember, 96 percent of people use search engines to find attorneys, and most of these will call just one attorney. Law firms that are at the top of search list for a client’s matter will have a better chance of getting clients. For example, if a potential client searches “What to do after a car accident,” and your firm as a related article, your article may land in the potential client’s search results. An active blog on your firm’s site with fresh and new content will help bring your firm to the top of the search list. Most legal searches are non-branded, meaning that clients don’t search for topics and a law firm by name. Instead, clients search for legal issues or topics, like “Georgia truck accident attorney” or “Washington DC personal injury lawyer.”  Writing blog posts that include the phrases that your potential clients are searching for is the best and fastest way to rise in search engine rankings.

3. Blogging Establishes Your Firm’s Credibility.

A lawyer’s website should display the lawyer’s expertise. Blog posts demonstrate your expertise in real time. A visitor searching for help with a legal issue will be more likely trust a website with several blog posts about that issue than a website that only has the attorney’s contact information. Writing posts about your practice areas will let clients know that you are a skilled counselor.

4. Blogging Helps You Find Future Clients

Though most visitors to your website will be looking for immediate legal representation, not all of them will be. However, if your website is filled with memorable, engaging content, those who happen upon your blog will be likely to file your name away for future use.

5. Blogging Provides Content for Your Social Media Accounts

We’ve already written about the many ways social media helps law firms stand out in the crowded legal marketplace. But social media is nothing without content. Blog posts provide excellent content for social accounts. Regularly sharing excerpts of your blog posts on Twitter or Instagram will introduce your firm to a larger audience of potential clients.

6. Blogging Helps You Stand Apart From the Competition

The competition for clients is fierce. Law firms need to be informed of the latest trends to win the competition. According to the ABA’s most recent report, only 15 percent of solos and 11 percent of small firms maintain blogs. Putting your firm in the elite class will give your firm an edge in the fight to land clients.

7. Blogging Can Establish You as A Thought-Leader and an Expert in Your Field

A legal blog’s primary purpose is to attract clients. Even so, blogging on legal issues will also establish your expertise in the law. When students, civic groups, journalists, and others are looking for lawyers to speak at events, they also search the web. Your blog will help them find you. And of course, speaking at public events will introduce you to potential clients.

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Blogging is a cost-effective way for lawyers to make sure that their firm stands out from the competition. Though blogging doesn’t cost much money, many lawyers feel that they don’t have the time to create compelling content. The Social Channel Marketing Group can help your firm with all of its digital marketing needs. Our team can write blog posts that reflect your firm’s unique voice and engage your target audience. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Nareissa Smith

Nareissa is an attorney and experienced writer who strives to exceed client expectations as Social Channel’s Digital Content Creator. After graduating law school with honors, Nareissa went on to teach writing courses at several law schools. As a result, she knows the rules of grammar inside and out. Nareissa adheres to the adage, “There is no such thing as good writing; there is only good editing.” When creating your content, Nareissa will painstakingly review all copy to ensure not only that it is error free, but also easily found and clearly understood by your intended audience. She will work tirelessly to guarantee that the content embodies your voice and message.

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